Heaven's Gate

What happened in the beginning?

We grew up together, watched movies together, studied music together, and it was probably inevitable that we would end up creating Keldian together. Previous to that we played in Protos Nemesis and Alien Love Gardeners, but we started getting the urge to indulge our metal leanings… well, this record is what happened.

A couple of years after the turn of the millennium, Arild moved into sound engineering and thus we had the means to write and record our music on our own. The production of Heaven’s Gate happened at intervals from summer 2005 through late 2006. It was a very inspiring new journey to embark on, and after countless hours of trial and error, recording and re-recording, we had finally created the album that was envisioned.

We dedicated this first Keldian album to the memory of Tom Ohnstad, a dear childhood friend and band brother from Protos Nemesis, who lost his battle with cancer not long before Keldian started. He was a big fan of hard rock and metal music, and we think he would have liked what we did.

But Heaven’s Gate might not have reached you without the aid of another Tom. When production was finished, Tom Mathers of Texas based Perris Records offered to release the album, and it’s fair to say that we were excited!

released February 27, 2007


Christer Andresen - lead vocals, guitars, bass

Arild Aardalen - synthesizers, vocals

featured on Heaven's Gate

Jørn Holen - drums

Maja Svisdahl - backing vocals (5,7)

Gunhild Mathea Olaussen - violin (7)

Mats Rybø - backing vocals (7)

written and produced by Keldian

mixed by Arild Aardalen
mastered by Barry Gardner at SafeandSound Mastering (2019) digital release

cd release (2015) mastered by Mika Jussila
cd release (2007) mastered by Arild Aardalen

cover artwork by Spectral (licensed by Fotolia)
concept artwork by Niall Parkinson

Jørn Holen appears courtesy of Indie Recordings

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