The year is 2062.

Climate change and pandemics have reshaped the world.
Global temperatures soar and storms ravage continents, leaving even the Nordic region depleted of fresh drinking water.

The people of Earth have been split. The wealthy few have fortified the big cities and monopolized water sources, while the rest must survive or die in the desolation outside. I live in comfort on the inside of one such city. But by night I smuggle fresh water to the less fortunate on the outside.
Caught, and sentenced to death for treason, I manage to escape into the unknown world of the outsiders.

As I'm dying of thirst and exhaustion in the hostile wilderness of the real world, a mysterious young woman comes to my rescue.
She offers me a second chance: to join her tribe of freedom fighters. It is time to rise up and face my demons.
Confront the dark legacy of my own people. Become an agent of change.

Become rebellion.

released June 10, 2022


lead vocals, guitars, bass - Christer Andresen

keyboards, vocals - Arild Aardalen

featured on The Bloodwater Rebellion

Sindre Skeie - drums

Liel Bar-Z - vocals (2)

Jon Garcia - trumpet (7)

The Rebellion Choir (7,8)
Aya Hande Aardalen, Alexander Andresen, Helene Hande Midje, Vemund Osland & Karoline Thyri

written and produced by Keldian
mixed by Arild Aardalen
mastered by Barry Gardner
at Safe&Sound Mastering

cover artwork by Øyvind Lauvdahl
photo by Helene Hande Midje
additional images used under Pixabay license

The Pebble and the Avalanche (video)
& We Are Rebellion (video)
by Pål Ødegård

lyrics based on the unpublished novel H2Oslo by Christer Andresen & Pål Ødegård
2022 © Keldian
Galactic Butterfly Music