Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Physical Media
Please understand that we do not sell CDs, cassettes or vinyl records of Keldian music.
We also do not have any promotional copies of our albums for radio stations, magazines, reviewers et cetera.
Through time limited licensing agreements, Keldian albums have been released (in small runs) on CD by Perris Records.
Perris Records may or may not have albums left in stock, and we kindly ask that you head to their webpage for all such inquiries.

Regarding Digital Music
Nostalgia aside, we believe in the future of digital music. The advantages far outweigh any disadvantages.
Stream or download; your choice.

Regarding Tabs
We do not have tabs, chord sheets or any sort of musical notation of our music.

Regarding Contacting Keldian
For all Keldian related inquiries, please write to us by email.
Please make sure the information you are seeking is not already available on has extensive information on all our releases; including lyrics, credits and digital booklets.
We can be reached at: gbm.keldian(at) .

Regarding Touring
Keldian has never been a live performing band.
Keldian is a hobby for us, we live far from each other in different parts of Norway, and most of our collaboration is done online.
It is very, very unlikely Keldian will ever go on a tour or do any live shows.

Regarding Merch
Currently there is no official Keldian merch (like t-shirts, hoodies or coffee cups) for sale anywhere.

Regarding Limes
They don't grow in the desert. (Or do they?)

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