How do you return?

Many people wondered what happened to us after Heaven’s Gate and Journey of Souls. Two intense album productions back to back brought a halt to Keldian. After years of never seeing the sun, Arild decided to move out of the sound engineering business. At the same time, Chris decided to pursue an academic career. In short, this left us with other things to do and without a studio to write and record music.

The latter challenge would eventually be solved by Arild building a small studio in his home. This new base of Keldian operations soon got dubbed “the cupboard under the stairs”, and finally we had a place to ingest unsafe amounts of tea and mull over our songs, while still being able to pop outside for a view of the fjords. You know what? Inspiration returned. Now we needed funds.

We decided to give crowdfunding a try, and we were overwhelmed by the response from our fans. The campaign was a huge success, and the production of Outbound could go into high gear through the spring and summer of 2013. The fact that so many people showed what Keldian meant to them, made us all the more eager to return within that year. We worked hard on delivering something that would be worthy of the trust.

A limited edition of 150 signed and dedicated cds was made as part of our crowdfunding campaign, and sent to our top tier contributors. This special edition of Outbound also included an exclusive bonus track: Scoundrel Days. Our first cover song was the title track from one of our favourite a-ha albums, released way back in 1986.

released October 31, 2013


lead vocals, guitars, bass - Christer Andresen

keyboards, vocals - Arild Aardalen

featured on Outbound

Jørn Holen - drums

Thommie Myhrvold - backing vocals (7,9)

Helene Hande Midje - backing vocals (2,4,5,6)

Kjell Vidar Merkesdal - backing vocals (4)

written and produced by Keldian
mixed by Arild Aardalen
mastered by Barry Gardner
at Safe&Sound Mastering (2019) digital release
cd releases (2013/2015) mastered by Mika Jussila
cover artwork by Tryfonov (licensed by Fotolia)
concept artwork by Niall Parkinson
photo by Helene Hande Midje

Jørn Holen appears courtesy of Indie Recordings
2013 © Keldian
Galactic Butterfly Music