And then what do you do?

You start recording another album before the first is even out the door. That’s how psyched we were at the time! When Perris Records released Heaven’s Gate worldwide in February 2007, we were already deep into the production of this follow-up. We were excited by the new music, but as it turned out – the work was very tough. And we paid the price for it in the end.

Journey of Souls has a great number of musicians and singers that agreed to suffer through the rigorous production of a very ambitious sophomore record. You’ll find the complete list of these incredible performers further down on this page. But we would like to make a special mention of Jørn Holen, who has graced four Keldian albums with not only his world-class drumming, but also his spirit and humor.

We finished Journey of Souls less than a year after Heaven’s Gate. Then came the burn-out… we attempted to start our third album right after this one. Then we realized we needed to see something other than studio walls and to experience something other than writing, tracking, rewriting, retracking, mixing, remixing. In short, we needed a holiday. When we were ready to return, the operation of Keldian would have gone through major changes. But that was still in the future.

The release of Journey of Souls greatly expanded our fanbase. And though more progressive and experimental than our debut album Heaven's Gate, it was very well received by our existing fans.

released May 20, 2008


lead vocals, guitars, bass - Christer Andresen

keyboards, vocals - Arild Aardalen

featured on Journey of Souls

Jørn Holen - drums (1,4,5,6,9,10)

Per Hillestad - drums (3,7,8)

Hector Salgado - drums (2,11)

Anette Fodnes - backing vocals (1,3,4,5,6,10)

Asle Tronrud - harding fiddle (7)

Maja Svisdahl - backing vocals (5,11)

Gjermund Elgenes - backing vocals (6,7)

Anne Marit Bergheim - backing vocals, mandolin (1,2,6,7)

Gunhild Mathea Olaussen - violin (5,10) 

written and produced by Keldian

mixed by Arild Aardalen
mastered by Barry Gardner
at Safe&Sound Mastering (2019) digital release
cd releases (2008/2015) mastered by Mika Jussila

cover artwork by Kim D. French (licensed by Fotolia)
concept artwork by Niall Parkinson
photo by Thommie Myhrvold

Jørn Holen appears courtesy of Indie Recordings
2008 © Keldian
Galactic Butterfly Music