Time to get down to brass tacks.

A couple of songs on this album sprang into life not long after the release of Outbound. But although ideas and inspiration were there, writing for the album was slow. We would never be content to simply rehash our earlier material, and it was hard to put the new ideas into fresh music and lyrics. But of course, that is when the tough get going. Steadily we kept on working, until by the end of 2016 we had a collection of songs that felt like a new album. Some of the lyrics had taken a darker emotional turn, and the yin and yang of the words led to the obvious album title: Darkness And Light.

In March 2017 Jørn Holen drove his car across the mountain from Oslo for Keldian drum sessions in the bleak winter landscape of the western fjords. As always he came well prepared and blew us away yet again. Although Jørn is modest about his own indisputable abilities, his playing is by now the stuff of legend. All the drum tracks for Darkness And Light were recorded in less than three days.

But we were still missing a lot of vocals for the record, and in July it was time to wrap things up. We embarked on a week of vocal sessions. There was a lot of work to complete in a matter of mere days, and much of the material was quite challenging. Fueled by privately imported teas mixed with throat-friendly spoonfuls of honey, Chris delivered what Arild deems some of his best performances to date.

At that point the album was really starting to wear us down. But what had been a long and winding road still had many miles and turns left for Arild, who oversaw the last pieces of guest performances and somehow managed to get a very complicated mix in the can just before deadline. The album was done. Time to let it escape into the world. 

released October 27, 2017


lead vocals, guitars, bass - Christer Andresen

keyboards, vocals - Arild Aardalen

featured on Darkness and Light

Jørn Holen - drums

Marit Lovise Rode - vocals (6,8)

Vemund Osland - guitar solo (4), co-solo (7)

Helene Hande Midje - backing vocals (2,3,5,7,8)

Hjalmar Sivertsen Frønningen - backing vocals (2,5,7,8)

written and produced by Keldian
mixed by Arild Aardalen
mastered by Barry Gardner
at Safe&Sound Mastering (2019) digital releasecd release (2017) mastered by Mika Jussila
cover artwork by Wavebreakmediamicro (licensed by Fotolia)
concept artwork by Niall Parkinson
photo by Helene Hande Midje

Blood Red Dawn (video) by Pål Ødegård
Jørn Holen appears courtesy of Indie Recordings
2017 © Keldian
Galactic Butterfly Music